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Regular Air Dried Firewood

Our Regular firewood is a mix of many different hardwoods that can include Ash, Maple, Cherry, Elm, Birch and more! This is the most commonly bought firewood in the state of New York, and from Phil's Firewood.  It may still have 20%-30% moisture content and not fully seasoned.  We keep several hundred Face cord on hand for easy 24-48 hour delivery or pickup  




Our New kiln-dried firewood is loaded up into metal baskets and then placed into our firewood kiln which is then heated at over 200+ degrees.  After being in the kiln for 24+ hours our wood has 15% moisture content.  Now it is ready to be sold.  Kiln Dried is Guaranteed to burn, Bug/Disease free, less creosote, and burns 45% Hotter then air dried firewood.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


Boiler wood

Our boiler wood is kept in stock at all times.  All Mixed hardwood that is split large and cut 16-18" long  We also do custom cut orders.

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